About Jaeger Health

Welcome to you all!

I am the founder of Jaeger Health and my aim is pretty simple – I want to save your brain and we need to do this together! I work with clients to prevent or reverse Alzheimer’s Dementia and neurodegeneration, using the Bredesen Protocol.

We have face to face appointments here in Adelaide, South Australia but also work with people from all around Australia (rural towns as well as our major capital cities – Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Cairns and internationally including the USA.

We have all become better at the virtual appointments and Zoom meetings provide a super stable and versatile online way of streaming our appointments.

Imagine you are a large jigsaw puzzle and my task, with your help, is to correctly build a perfect picture of a healthy optimal you.

Most of it is fairly straight forward, other parts are more complicated but it is not ‘easy’ and requires real effort and commitment.

For this journey we will carefully look at literally every part of you and how that contributes to your health. We are going to test a lot of things with both standard and functional pathology and along with your story, your individual history, your signs and symptoms – this is like the picture on the jigsaw box that gives us clues for what goes where. This picture becomes a way of determining what are the root causes of your problems and how to fix them.

Read on if you want to understand more about me and why I have chosen to support you too – Save your brain!