Reversing Alzheimer’s Dementia

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Reversing Alzheimer’s Dementia – How Do Treatments Differ

The treatment or reversal of Alzheimer’s Dementia (AZD) is changing the face of medicine and how we are looking at all chronic diseases. So how is it actually done? How can you reverse this devastating and debilitating disease? Is it a new wonder drug, does it involve surgery or other medical intervention?

The answer is NO.

No conventional medical approaches have been able to reverse or slow a disease that takes several decades to develop and manifest itself in a person. Dr Dale Bredesen has discovered a systems based is needed. An approach combining multiple disease areas such as diet change, managing stress, optimising exercise, removing heavy metal and chemical toxins, optimising sleep, prescribing nutritional supplements and treating chronic infection and dysbiosis is what works in reversing the loss of memory, the ability to think and connect emotionally with your families.

Reversing Alzheimer’s Dementia and Dr Bredesen

Dr Dale Bredesen from UCLA and the Buck Institute, California, USA has been successfully showing that he and his team can reverse Alzheimer’s disease. Dr Bredesen has published peer reviewed research papers showing this and is now training health care practitioners around the world how to apply his protocols in their own clinics.

The Bredesen Protocol has 36 key dietary, lifestyle, hormonal, toxin and infectious related changes that are required to bring the brain back into a healthier functional state. Suffers of Alzheimer’s have been able to remember their grandchildren’s names, to work and live normal lives again. These are Dr Bredesen’s 36 ‘holes’. The holes are in the roof of the house and water is coming in, plugging only as few holes doesn’t stop much of the rain but when you plug up more and more holes there becomes a critical point where you can control the rain and this is where the magic happens.

Reversing Cognitive Decline & Alzheimer’s in Adelaide 

The NHM team is fortunate to have the only two practitioners trained in the ‘Bredesen Protocol’ currently in Adelaide and make up only handful in Australia. We feel very excited to share the information that I have learnt from Dr Bredesen and the entire team at the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM).

What I already know is that these same protocols help with autoimmune diseases, mental disorders, weight loss, irritable bowel disorders (IBS), cardiovascular disease, fatigue and so much more.

Join us at Jaeger Health and let us show you how Bredesen published research is really the most logical and effective medicine we have at our disposal for supporting you in your pursuit of overcoming chronic disease and giving you back your health.

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